Evening Bell

by Quiet Child

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Maverick Joseph Korvin
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Maverick Joseph Korvin The most beautiful vocals, sung with such suffering and elation, equal to Freddie Mercury and Maynard James Keenan, or better.
An amazing and truly genuine piece of Art. Favorite track: Flowers In The Middle Of The Road.


released August 19, 2009



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Quiet Child Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Flowers In The Middle Of The Road
So hard on conversation
This shot of observation
This child gave me perspective on loss

How did this even happen?
How do such sad things happen?
Two holes overlapping themselves

A sun-strained glare with teddy bear in hand
The mother shoulders pain as she explains in small words

You've become a memory
Blessed but cursed by time and life and love
I still weep for our daughter
How will she remember your handsome face?
A bond that can't be broken
All there is to do is take her hand
And place flowers in the middle of the road
Track Name: Dark Heart Of Pleasure
The dark heart of pleasure comes in waves
Or sometimes in ripples
Could I stop it if I wanted?

At midnight the sun rose
Bullying the shadows
I just want the honesty to come spilling out
And drown me

Behind the cliché I am truly disappearing

As dark thoughts and pleasure
Link hands together
Track Name: Discipline
Best beware the beat amiss
It proves I'm leaking life a little
Next year will bring as many highs as lows
And her in this house with me
Will be a year worth remembering

A better life found within some discipline
Every vice of every shade would melt away

One more day won't hurt at all
Ah, but ten years of indulgence will possibly have killed me

There are things I'll always want
That have cleared a path for me
But another story must begin
Track Name: Stealing Inches
And from her mouth she barely whispers
Wizened thoughts stay her tongue
And her words are worth repeating
'How the ash stains my hair'
And crawling forth, stealing inches
Her shadow in the mud
She only hears, she never listens

And in the seconds before the crash
There's always something that wants to fight back

The glaring truth is marked upon you
By the ink of his fists
And do you think that it's beyond you?
And you can't see the wound for the stitch?

Belly to the bed, she can see his sleeping head
The crack of the door as it breaks in her wake

And in the seconds before the crash
There's always something that wants to fight back
The muscles ache to leave the lair
To shake the ashes from her hair
Track Name: Don't You Know Me?
There comes a time when the two
Closest of friends have to choose
Whether the grudge is enough
If they are both worth the love

Well, I'll tell you...

I know your smell
I know your every mood
I know your laugh
I know your every face

I know you, don't you know me?
Track Name: Key And The Pillow
I've been shown by the shamer how to live
The key was under her pillow all the time
And holes disappeared

Maybe the shaming was done to her in turn
Just when I though I'd held off my concern
The holes reappeared

And through the tears and the will to die
Softcock narctics
I want to forgive you, after all you've done
Track Name: Captain Trips
Please, take a seat
I'm quite aware of the rituals that you keep
Take a vow for your friends
I'm sure they would've like to have seen the end
Make them proud
By running and putting your face back in the crows
Think of her kiss
How long has it been since she touched you on the lips

Now millions dead
Robbed of the chance to kiss their children's heads
A battlefield of captain trips
A thousand flies descend to taste the sick and the dead

Here, rest your feet
Remove yourself from the dangers found in the street
You've got your soldiers sent to death
Making sure you don't get your fingers wet, hypocrite
Track Name: Gentle Minds
Take just what you need
There's one more young mouth to feed
Prayer making a mockery
Bushes and ragweed

And lonely people collide
Watching lives go by
And gentle minds just lose their sight
Goodbye, my heart, goodbye

So, he turned them into stone
Bleeding over the microphone
War made him a millionaire
Peace makes him the main event

Blame came in from both sides
No one loves a suicide
Baby just lost the top spot
Still, at least he had a shot