Listen, Love, The Thunder Calls

by Quiet Child

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Michael Reilly
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Michael Reilly Quiet Child continue to evolve and explore highly intelligent progressive sounds, resulting in great depth and scope. I love the pacing and shifting force found within these compositions – the unique characteristics of each song is given life through obvious care and attention. A mature and impressive release. Favorite track: Ground Floor.


released June 18, 2016

Written and recorded by Peter Spiker.

Mastered by Nick Russell.

Cover photo by Miranda O'Keefe

Thanks to Pelley and Puff, Ashley Spain, Gary Spain, Miranda O'Keefe, Darren Hincks.



all rights reserved


Quiet Child Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Forty Years
Listen, love, the thunder calls
Let's hurry through the slowly thickening air at once
'Cause when we get home we're welcomed
With endless energy and a tuneful song in her voice
We've made this hermit's paradise a fortress

Listen, love, I've found some words
And for a moment I'm untroubled and alert
To still be feeling love like this...
How deeper will the ocean be in forty years?
It feels we might just be as good as we appear

It doesn't take too much to dream
Of a winter house with dogs as far as the eye can see
A fireplace and a feature wall
The promised time when I don't work at night anymore
I'm so lucky seven years ago I married you
And I honestly live every single day for you
Track Name: Morning Fog
Now closely follow
Floating, moving through sweet smoke
She's the keeper of my secrets
And we're ready

In all earthly combinations
I must wrap you up in bed

We clear the morning fog by making more

Breathing weed and coriander
Breathing together
Track Name: Late Entry
Grin ear to ear
In this place there is ocean all directions you can face
We embrace above the spray
And we amble off to meet some friends we've made
Every day we look to play
In an atrium of elevator lights
As the day turns to night

We did it right and just in time
You have left the country as you'd hoped you might
Tomorrow night we drink to life
And we'll celebrate that we're husband and wife
For life
We can't ignore
How good it felt to stand our feet on foreign shores
We'll have more
Track Name: Hum
When I pass our door
I feel the need to pause
And briefly take in everything I see
Hidden in the waves
By breath given away
A sleeping face and then I move away

But not so cold that it groans
By computer glow
A silent kind of spirituality
There's a change coming in me
With percussive knees
A fading of frowns
Just having you around

And the stillness breaks
Pulses elevate
Distant wall-muddied sound
I can hear you moving around
Keep the lounge door closed
I await your pose
Your radiant dance
Known, with love, throughout the land
Track Name: Ground Floor
We let our thoughts collide
We make our positions to one another

Not every time I'll think twice
But if I'm mistaken, then I'll know it

This is where we get our strength
This is how we stay interwoven with each other

Maybe we'll both prove right
That would be so satisfying

I'd fight a million times
If it led to a greater understanding

And before long all's right
And in trickles our happy little noises
Track Name: Guard The Window
Late afternoon
Sun fills the room for an hour
With one missing cog
Both human and dog guard the window
Trying not to loiter

Coming home to me

With evening in bloom
Our joy fills the room with invented language
At moments it feels
Torrential love might engulf me
There's so much comfort in that face
Track Name: Silvan
On the morning of our bitter disappointment
You came home to me
And while I didn't cry
I felt lost and I was glad to have you here

So no moving day
No rain forest
No big life change, at least not today
Back to rat race, but we've had a taste
And we will have more
We'll have more
Track Name: Auditorium
The lake froze early this year
The icy cracks match the lines of your palm
How lonely could it be?
This hidden, echo-filled auditorium

I still look north
To capture wild silence

I plant our flag on the coast
And breathe mountain air into oven lungs
With sunburnt country blues
No love for he at the helm
Oh to lay on our frozen lake
Track Name: Stare Off
Let her sleep
In a moment she'll wake up
Come with me
Why don't you wait where it's warm?
Admit defeat
Why don't you wait where it's warm?

Silly girl, don't wait by the door
Don't be a fool

Impatient, determined
What does it even signal?
When you're in you only stay for a minute
Then you're gone

Don't wait by the door
Don't be a fool
Sad eyes don't work any more
Don't be a fool

And in the morning she comes
Her body announced by song and coughs
That freshly broken silence
The music that buoys me up, head above
To speak of futures and fortunes
Enamoured and palm to palm
Arm in arm, arm in arm