Chapter & Verse

by Quiet Child



released February 1, 2014

Quiet Child: Peter Spiker, Brent Carraill, Ashley Spain

All songs by Peter Spiker, except "Redshift" by Paul Backman

Recorded, mixed, mastered at home.

Thanks to: Paul Backman, Pelley, Ran, Alex, Young Mr. Gary Spain, Darren Hincks, Podie, Jim Jimmers, Dutto & Loz, Buckell & Ali, Puff.



all rights reserved


Quiet Child Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: A Hail Of Stones
Some people need to choose which story they'll believe
Before their doomsaying begins to sound naive
And when their children start to doubt there even is a god
An incremental step that benefits mankind

The Book of Matthew says to love thy neighbour well
But if he lays with men he's going straight to hell
Of course, his life on earth will end under a hail of stones
A vengeful judgement from an everloving god

Now may we note, with shock, the leaders of the land
Hearing voices, taking cash in every hand
And if we don't agree with a spectre needing souls to save
An incremental step for us all

So it's time for some decisions
Are these stories worth the keeping?
Do we bow to words of ancients?
Do we swallow pseudo morals?

With fire and ice, they strike each other down
Drunk on power, they strike their brother down
And even when the words ring hollow
They send their hail of stones
The longest song of sorrow the words has ever know
Track Name: Oh, Christopher
Oh, Christopher
When you die they'll laugh for hours

I believe in equality, every thug for himself
Born again in an avalanche of scorn

Just when one would perceive you lost
Cravens crawl out of shadows
To accuse you of christianity, a lie!

Oh, Christopher
When you die they'll laugh for hours
What must they think of us, spewing forth their vitriol

The stoic crawl in your final months
Gives us hope to stare our own mortality down
To face the cold of a godless death
So thanks, and goodbye

I hope that cancer finds you just as disagreeable
As some apologists found you to be
And when the scavenger dogs of the undergrowth
Begin their long and sombre task to turn your bones to soil
Just know
There are those of us who'll wield your words as swords
Track Name: On The Precipice
A quiet night
A stillness moves through me
And there's only me

Is this sky a sea of night?
I'm on the precipice, waiting to jump off
Track Name: Blood Boiling
Some of you have the mark, I see it on your face
And I just can't take it anymore!
Seems like his guidance sets my blood to boil

And there, the rabbit lays with all our dreams rearranged
It moves without a sound
Will all my hunts end this way?

Now I will strike

All, in time, forgiven

I will strike
Track Name: Mother Russia
We sound the alarm to ask what motivates
The worst of us, and the fear they generate
A communist, a catholic and a martyr
We know their crimes and we blame their higher power
But we find the rot beginning somewhere else

No light in his eye and a canyon in his brow
And he speaks with all the authority that the internet allows
Repeats the same lines that we all know now by heart
We know the words before they tumble out

Down with the ones who would perpetrate
Atrocities in the name of a higher power
Here's to the ones who celebrate
A quiet, personal faith over dogma
Good riddance to the man who would instigate
Genocide for the sake of mother Russia
Down with the ones who would perpetrate
Atrocities in the name of dogma
Track Name: Until I Pass Through
She gave a look like snow amongst the coal
Her colour high and dark red
And all I could think was, whose finger is on the switch
The smouldering girl or her god?

Who left her here with all the crippled minds?
A ghost of young flesh and bone and walls
She sings along to the songs she's learned from birth
One ancient hand over her mouth and eyes

The worlds needs it's girls and it boys
To follow the truth where it lurks
If it's hard or unfair
Well, at least we know we're not fools anymore

She took a breath and the scent was sweet to taste
Her lifelong sleep of doubt now past
Until I pass through, at least there's one disease
My poor heart won't need to bear

The whole wants it's parts to ignore
The venomous words raining down
Like the guns of the past
Or the gods that we made to explain why we're here
But we no longer need to pretend we don't understand
Why our days come and go
Why there's life or why there're starts
Casting their glow where they will
We must search for the truth
And find joy in the years that we have to be here
Track Name: Into Death
If I were honest
I'd tell you that I wish for an afterlife with you
I just want more time with you

But into death we'll fall
No knowledge of, no thought

Oh, for the stories and songs from my youth, I remember
Miracles hidden inside beards and robes
The worlds of David and Jonah and Job
A chance at eternal life in paradise

The universe offers non of this
Just indifference, something I've come to love

And into death we'll fall
No knowledge of, no thought
Track Name: Hubris
Guns + Babies + Jesus
Now what does that equal?

Home fucking run!

Man of the year
But with so many white snakes
Who should be colourblind

I'll be surprised if you make it
Past the guns in their pockets

And as we wake up and look under the make up
And we smile at the changes and step out into Eden
To find snakes all around us!
Track Name: Bonewreath
For years you have been a teacher
And I am thankful for your words
And when I sought your wisdom
You taught with kindness and with love

Father, why do you forget yourself?
It's as if, sometimes, you're not yourself

In league with my admiration
There is a question I must ask
How can your intellectualism
Coexist with fairy tales

As dusk begins, as your life's work ends
How can one look back on what they've done
When so many others still have not begun to try
To reason why
Sixty years of listening to the word
To find this late it's mostly quite absurd
And I wonder, is there some satisfaction as you see
This crushing cycle finally cease to be
Track Name: Poor Lamb
The last time I saw her
The poor lamb had fallen asleep on the train, on the train

Sophie, wait around, she's waking up
And there should be another woman nearby

Do you remember me?
One more face without the means to help
Without the means to help

Sophie, wait around, she's waking up
And there should be another woman nearby

At least you escaped to be here with us

Sophie, wait around, there're things to say
Track Name: The Argument From Design
We might look and see design
And then ask If I see design, then who designed?

Those who might be easily satisfied
Find their truths in religious lies, from religious minds

But what eyes can see is what is easily believed

In the maze of electric fire
There's no design
Atoms, ions, cells alike
Show no design

No one designed me
What millions of years has wrought
Is what we are and always were