The Coming Storm

by Quiet Child



released July 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Quiet Child Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Dawn Brings Warmth
This room is frozen
We live under ice
Speak to me, I know you're still awake

And later, by the front door, we speak teardrops
They freeze in the cold like shattered china
As a shadow I wait at the crest of the day
New hours slip in as dawn brings warmth
Track Name: I've Found Some Poison
One move away takes us to this; our hurricane
She moves her words with so soft a tongue
Until there's war...

And so it is I've found some poison
And so is this a stubborn weight

Two criminals forever spurned by violent words
To escape the coming storm
Track Name: Ghost Town
Sandalwood, faded clove
A burning torch lights the cove
And this room is a ghost town

A paperweight made of gold
A death I could control, if I thought you were coming home

She came home the very next night
My quiet house has a second light, for now...
Track Name: Cannonfire March
With our weapons displayed, face to face
We line up our strength to the side, nice and wide
And with nary a word, no sleight of hand
The shots fire, the cannonballs sing through an ill wind

So now, are you satisfied?
Has the body count turned your troops around?
So now, I'm your enemy?
Seen no differently than spies outside in the bushes as night
Track Name: In Out
Like the movement of your body across the threshold door
We breathe....

I can't keep you in one place
You're in, then you're out

When did you become so indecisive?
Please, please make up your mind soon
Track Name: Hotel Shade
I dream a formless wish
Set against faded 70's lime
Cigarette burns in the shape of half smiles in the carpet

T.V. from another age
Filthy floor, bed unmade
The phone forever silent
In evil Australian heat I wither
No respite in the hotel shade
Track Name: Without Borders
So the days still come
Some change, some things the same
Her colours, soft and stubborn, painting in the other room

And, in the next year, shoot us north, please
We are explorers

Maybe snow in the first week?
Berlin or Amsterdam?
Further north! Through glacial stares
I want to drop off the end of the earth

Even Melbourne seems so far away
We three lonely souls all agree
It's time for you to come home please
We still have plans to make
Track Name: 0400
Why must I wake up every morning at 0400, while you're away?
I count the minutes of her disappearance
And her reappearance is days away

With anticipation
A sky woken, sunlit
The singing cricket is miles away

My hope is fading with every whisper
And the chance to kiss her fades away
So why must I wake up every morning at 0400, while you're away?
Track Name: The Coming Storm
I want to leave a scar on the world
The coming storm is on the horizon

I hear words but no voice
I hear notes but no sound
The coming storm is on the horizon

I'll stand in its path
Take breath on the wing
I don't care if this is the end of me

I recall the time
When the very thought of lies felt alien on your tongue
And we spoke in rhymes
But we understood with our eyes, and not with the words

Here come the floods to cover us up
Make beds in the waves and close our eyes
I remember the night, I knew we would fight
I though the storm passes for everyone...
Track Name: Conditions
Empty bedroom
It feels as though it's always been
Piles of clothing, the subtle smell of damp

Every evening I'm bathed in entertainment radiation

Don't you think we could have spent years
As this two-headed monster with nothing to say?
But we made a choice, and the conditions felt right
So, goodbye, forever, my once best friend

And so it falls to me to beg
I'm fucking sick to death of it
Is there no more connection? No murmured reflection?
I touch my hand to yours
And within the fleeting pause
I'm sure that I knew you one absolute, final time