Quiet Child EP

by Quiet Child



released January 1, 2006



all rights reserved


Quiet Child Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Underage And Well Behaved
I'm realising that without help
My desiring will ungel

So, help me out!

It begs the question, what mind am I in
If my assumptions won't cave in?

So, help me out!
Track Name: Busy Streets
This letter reads a dozen things to me
A pledge of trust
A love that just unties us to our ends, and why not?

This letter speaks of busy streets and paths
No smile ignored, each side adored
From one purpose to another, to our end

The minds adjust, the bodies list as one

The oil burns, the mind unlearns
How is it that I'm so sure of you?

With the day comes newspapers, kitchen counters, and you
Track Name: Was Immer
Here you are, stuck with me, warm and happy

Let be swallowed in our conscience
In our solace
Make our promises

To live together
To wake up together
Whatever we want
To sleep together
To fuck up together
Whatever we want